Project information

The project of B&T Quang Binh wind farm cluster connects to the national power grid with 2 substations

Viet Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with BT2 and BT3 Wind Power Joint Stock Companies to organize the acceptance and energization of 2 substations (substations) including: 220kV BT2 substations – Phase 1 (with merits) transformer capacity 125MVA) and 220kV substation BT2-Phase 2 (with transformer capacity of 643MVA) under the B&T wind farm cluster project in Quang Binh.

Engineers conduct inspection and acceptance of the project

This is the next component of B&T Wind Farm project cluster after successfully energizing 220kV BT1 substation and 220kV transmission line from 220kV BT1 substation to the connection point with 220kV Dong Ha – Dong Hoi transmission line on June 8 – 2021.

Accordingly, the 220kV transmission line from BT2-Phase 1 substation and BT2-Phase 2 substation connected to 220kV BT1 substation is one of the three main bidding packages of the B&T wind farm cluster project in Quang Binh managed by Co., Ltd. Nghe Viet is the general contractor for construction, starting construction from September 2020.

The general contractor always overcomes difficulties to ensure the project progress

During the construction process, the general contractor has mobilized maximum human resources and machinery and equipment to accelerate and ensure the completion of the work items.

Up to now, the 220kV line from 220kV BT1 substation to the connection point with the Dong Ha – Dong Hoi 220kV line has been completed and officially connected to the national grid. The completion and official operation of the 220kV BT2 substation-Phase 1, the BT2-Phase 2 substation and the previously operated 220kV BT1 substation are considered the hallmarks of the B&T wind farm project in Quang Ninh. Jar.

B&T wind farm project put into operation in the third quarter of 2021.

(According to Quang Binh newspaper)