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The workshop introduces information security solutions and AI applications

On September 13, 2023, at Microsoft Vietnam Office, VTech in collaboration with Celebal Technologies (Celebal Tech) and Microsoft Vietnam (MSFT) organized a seminar with Information and Communications Technology Company of Vietnam Electricity (EVNICT) on information security solutions and AI applications in the fields of operation of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN). This is an informational exchange, creating a premise for future cooperation and aiming to promote the strengths of each party and jointly solve challenges in the IT field that EVN is facing.

The seminar began with the introduction of Celebal Tech, EVNICT and VTech in an open atmosphere, sharing experiences in implementing applications and new challenges of AI in the energy sector.

Representatives of EVNICT, Celebal Tech, Vtech and MSFT at the seminar

EVNICT representative presented an overview of Vietnam Electricity Group’s 4.0 digital transformation strategy and noted the use of a complete Oracle database system for the ERP system.

Celebal Tech has introduced solutions to solve the problems raised by EVNICT, including solutions related to ERP systems, AI applications on Cloud or PREM platforms. Data storage strategies, Chatbot Open AI and the benefits of data security on Microsoft’s Azure platform and innovative solutions suitable to the needs of EVNICT and EVN.

Celebal Tech representatives introducing their newly developed, effective and applicable solutions

At the end of the EVNICT workshop, Celebal Tech and VTech agreed to conduct further technical discussions with more details on the mentioned challenges. Especially in CRM, ERP, Chatbot AI applications in improving EVN’s operational efficiency and customer care. These discussions will be continued in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Representatives of EVNICT, MSFT, VTech and Celebal Tech at the seminar