Quang Trach – Quynh Luu 500kV Line Project: Efforts to Overcome All Challenges

The 500kV Circuit-3 Transmission Line project is a key national project to ensure electricity supply for production, business and consumption in 2024 and the following years, with 04 component projects; has a total length of about 519 km with 1,179 column foundation positions; Total investment is about 22,000 billion VND. The project goes through 211 communes and wards of 43 districts and towns in 9 provinces; invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT).

As one of the four component projects, the 500kV Quang Trach – Quynh Luu Line project is taking place with constant speed and effort, being constructed with the spirit of “3 shifts, 4 crews”, “overcoming the sun, overcoming the rain”, “work through holidays and Tet”, “eat and sleep quickly” in accordance with the Prime Minister’s instructions.

Package No. 42 “Construction and installation of line from VT423 to VT435 in Duc Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district, Nghe An province” is an important package in the above project assigned to the joint venture contractor Viet Technology Company Limited – FECON Joint Stock Company (VTECH-FECON) to implement the construction, installation and connection of a 500kV line with a route length of about 4,900m, 12 column foundation positions from VT424 to VT435 (including: 3 pile foundation positions, 8 slab foundation position and 1 single foundation position).

With about 50 days of construction, the joint venture contractor has completed digging foundations for all 12 locations, completed pouring concrete for the foundation base for 8/12 locations, completed foundation construction and erecting pillars in 02/12 positions. This result is a tireless effort of the construction contractor to date and it is expected that the package will be completed successfully no later than June 2024, in accordance with the Prime Minister’s direction.

Despite construction under harsh climatic conditions, access roads are difficult, especially with the weak condition of the infield roads, to overcome this obstacle, the contractor had to expand the road and ensure traffic safety, and committed to returning farmland to the people after construction was completed.