Open letter

Dear our partners,

Firstly, Viet Technology Co., Ltd. (V.TECH Co., Ltd.) would like to express deep thanks for your trust and co-operation during the past time. Your supports are great motivations for us to continue developing and positioning our brand on the market.



Mr Nguyen Huy Cuong


Established in 2004, Viet Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise operating in the sectors of Power system construction – IT - Telecommunications - Industrial infrastructure construction.

Over 15 years of operation and development, with the dedication of our executives, the commitment and dedication of our staff, Viet Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually established our position, brand and achieved important steps on the way to fulfill our mission. The operational objectives of the Company always align with our partners' interests as well as the development of the society. Keeping pace with the daily and hourly development of new technologies applied to serve life, with the consistent slogan: "Smart integration solutions", V.TECH Co., Ltd. is constantly innovating and striving to become a leading prestigious enterprise in Vietnam in applying new technologies in the field of construction of energy, telecommunications and IT industrial infrastructure.

Consistent with the principle of "Professional - Effective - Sustainable Development", of which the core factors are the people and methods to connect competitive advantages between the company and the partners, we always aspire to contribute more and more for a prosperous and happy life. We look forward to cooperating with partners in the spirit of mutual attachment, sharing and development.

Wish you peace, prosperity and all successes.


Yours Sincerely,

Viet Technology Co .,Ltd