Summer Vacation 2020 & Gala Dinner

So as to create the connection, solidarity and bringing relax moments for every members of V.Tech and their own families, V.Tech has celebrated Team building activity at Cua Lo beach.

Everybody was devided into two teams which called team Red and team Green. The games require strength, combination between members
Show their skills through the game which called “Eggs basket’’
‘’The wheel of friendship’’ – A game requires the combination
“Riding and throwing’’ – The win is near
Leading teammate to the finish line
Kids show their fighting mentality
Joy, glad and smiles in the faces of the winners at the end of the day

In the same day, the Gala dinner was organized to celebrate 16 years of V.Tech, a memorable event for all the members in V.Tech family.

V.Tech leaders’ made opening ceremonies
and cheer for this big day
Performances in the Gala
Performance as a gift from the kids
Sharing the joy
And saving happiness together

The Gala Dinner end up with joyful feelings. Everyone has gone through the excited, cheerful then to the emotion, proud of what V.Tech has done in last 16 years. Finallly, everybody is looking towards at the long journeys ahead and preparing for the incoming success.

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