Groundbreaking Ceremony of B&T Windfarm Clusters

The Groundbreaking ceremony of B&T wind farm clusters was held on September 20th, 2020 at Quang Binh Province – know as the biggest wind farm clusters in Vietnam with total investment VND 8000 billions from the investor B&T Windfarm JSC. V.Tech prouds to be one of the three main contractors, directly implementing the package to build 2 substations and 220kV transmission lines.

Groundbreaking ceremony of B&T wind farm clusters

B&T wind farm cluster includes wind farm BT1, located in Quang Ninh district, with a capacity of 109.2MW (26 turbines), with an investment of more than VND 3,600 billion and BT2 wind farm, located in Le Thuy district, capacity of 100.8MW (24 turbines), investment capital is more than VND 3,200 billion.

The construction progress in foundation No. 34
V.Tech’s leader in the ceremony
B&T Windfarm JSC
V.Tech’s engineers who directly took part in the project in Quang Binh

V.Tech takes the main responsibility in building two  substations 1X125MVA and  220kV transmission line up to 24km in length. The project is expected to come into operation in the third quarter of 2021 and has revenue about VND 1000 billions.

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