Cam Hung Solar Power Plant completely connecting to the National Grid

Although the construction had to be done in adverse weather conditions, prolonged floods occurred and the Covid-19 epidemic has not been completely controlled, even the civil works had been nearly “frozen” at some point but with the Contractors’ and the Owner’s efforts, Cam Hung Solar Power Plant has been successfully completed in mid-December and ensured connection to the National Grid before January 2021 as scheduled target.

This is the second EPC solar power project of V.Tech this year and also one of the most special projects because the Company had to ‘’live with floods’’ while implementing basic measures to prevent Covid-19 epidemic in the ‘’new normal state’’. The process of implementing electrical works in these conditions was not easy at all. The Owner, the Contractors and Construction Units have had to apply many creative applications and technical innovations to deploy the construction of works in the flood and stormy season, and be flexible with complex construction conditions that depending on the local geology of Cam Hung. Especially the project progress has ensured on time by the efforts of V.Tech engineers who rose above bad weather condition, constructed days and nights, given that the bad weather conditions made the project delayed for several weeks before.

In particular, the Solar Power Project in Cam Hung this time has been applied the most modern technologies in Southeast Asia as well as in the world, with high quality materials, durability and environment-friendly such as using panels, Inverter chain system for high performance with advanced control system. The Plant was expected to replenish the electricity capacity shortage in the whole of Ha Tinh province and creating more and more jobs for hundreds of local workers. The successful of connection to the National Grid of Cam Hung Solar Power Plant is the result of the Contractors’ efforts in order to build a ‘’green’’ factory for the environment in Cam Hung district and Ha Tinh province as well, simultaneously to close the year 2020, which had been a difficult year for the country and the whole world.

The completion of the Cam Hung Solar Power Plant is the unanimity of the local departments and agencies together with the Contractors who have made efforts to overcome adverse weather conditions and complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic. As one of the main Contractors – V.Tech is honored and proud of playing an important role to hand over the project on time and bring the Cam Hung Solar Power Plant to the National Grid.

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