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Design consultancy, construction, installation, building, pre-acceptance test and acceptance, training and transferring of SCADA system technology for Nghi Son oil refinery and petrochemical plant

– Investor: Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochecmical LLC– Impementation period: 6/2017 – 10/2017 Scope of supply: Micom A500, C264 equipment IEC 104 TofinoXE firewall appliance EAGLE30 industrial router equipment HiT7025 transmission equipment PCM 30 equipment Installation, testing and commissioning of information systems, DMS, SCADA at Nghi Son Refinery, A0, A1 Acceptance of SCADA and hotline […]

Building Remote Control Center of Ninh Binh Power Company

Investor: Ninh Binh Power Company Limited Implementation period: 2017 – 2019 Scope of supply: RTU, BCU equipment SCADA software system Composite screen system for the control center and power companies Protective relay system IT system: server, Firewall. Layer 2/3 optical switch, Router, surveillance cameras, security systems at stations and control centers Installation, testing and commissioning […]

AMI Khanh Hoa Solar Power Plant

Investor: AMI Energy Khanh Hoa Joint Stock Company Implementation period: 8/2018 – 5/2019 Scope of supply: 110kV transformer 110kV/22kV primary equipment Measuring and protecting control cabinet Telecommunication and SCADA system Building stations and 110kV lines Consulting design, installation, testing commissioning and energizing to put the project into commercial operation

Construction of telecommunications system EVN HANOI

Investor: Hanoi Power Corporation Implementation: 12/2016 – 04/2017 Scope of supply: STM – 64/16/4/1 – Coriant HiT7065 optical transmission equipment TNMS V15/Coriant software 220VAC/48VDC power device ADSS/M3 optical cable Vision battery system Sisco WS – 3750X – 125 – E Switch Installation, testing and commissioning to put into operation of all transmission equipment, power device, […]

Building a connection system to monitor and control Reclosers in Ha Nam province to remote control center of Ha Nam Power Company

Investor: Ha Nam Power Company Implementation: 11/2018 – 12/2018 Scope of supply: ADSS optical cables and optical accessories Providing servers, IT equipment Construction and installation of optical cable, IT equipment and SCADA at power companies and control center of Ha Nam Power Company

Buil monitoring system of transmission equipment of Power transmission companies

Investor: Power Transmission Companies 3 Implementation period: 9/2017 – 12/2017 Scope of supply: TNMS V15/Coriant software Imanager U200/ Huawei software WAN monitoring hardware and software system Fujitsu rx2540 M2 Database server system Client Hp EliteDesk 800 G2 computer system Installation, configuration and commissioning of the system and connection of monitoring for transmission equipment and WAN […]

Thanh Cong – Thuong Dinh 100kV Underground Cable

Investor: Hanoi Power Corporation – Subcontractor for the general Chongquing Taishan Cable Implementation period: 7/2017 – 12/2019 Scope of supply: Installation and testing of two 11okV GIS bays Installation and testing of 110kV underground cable Installation and testing of DTS Equipment Installation and testing of 110kV connector box Construction, road reimbursement Building, Configuaration of Telecommunication, […]

Setting up the centralized information point at EVN Building

Investor: Vietnam Electricity Group Implementation period: 10/2014 – 01/2015 Scope of Supply: SHD Optical transmission device PCM-30 device Monitoring software system 48VDC power supply system, battery IT system: Server, optical switch Installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of all equipment and 48VDC power system, battery Installing, configuring IT systems for monitoring systems

Materials and equipment supply, construction of 24kV medium voltage underground cable

Investor: THT Development Company Limited. Implementation period: 10/2015 – 01/2016. Score of supply: Supply medium voltage 22kV underground cable. Supply 22kV medium voltage cabinet. Construction, installation, connection, testing and commissioning underground cable and 22kV medium voltage cabinet.